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Order Related Recommendations now available!

May 12, 2017  

We just released a new recommendation type especially developed to increase customer retention and optimize customer lifetime value.

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Advanced Dynamic Filtering Rules – Additional filters now supported!

April 10, 2017  

As many of our merchants and partners have set-up our Advanced Dynamic Filters since it was introduced last year, we have just released a batch of new filters to support even more cases. You can now filter out products per discount, by recency (filter by new), rating & reviews, margin and inventory level!

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New Filters And Attributes: Margin, Customer Reviews And Inventory Level

February 13, 2017   On-site Recommendations

We have some exciting news!

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Exit intent sensitivity for behavioral pop-ups

January 10, 2017   Behavioral Pop-ups

Exit intent and follow up abandoned cart pop-up campaigns now support exit intent sensitivity!

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Magento Extension version 2.9.0

January 4, 2017   Extensions

We've recently released a new Nosto Magento extension version 2.9.0 which is available on Magento Connect here and on Github with full technical release notes here.

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Ad Campaign Optimization Tips

December 19, 2016   Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads now feature optimization tips by Facebook!

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New Facebook Integration And Product Filters

December 8, 2016   Facebook Ads

We’re happy to announce that as a latest addition to Nosto's Facebook Ads, we have released a new improved integration and added a possibility to filter product feed for each prospecting campaign separately! This is how it works!

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Built-in Support For Nosto and Yotpo on Shopify

December 5, 2016   Others

Nosto now supports through a built-in integration Yotpo user generated content in terms of product ratings! This means that if you use both services, Yotpo and Nosto, adding your user generated content to Nosto recommendations couldn't be easier!

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Mobile Hide Switch For Pop-up Campaigns

November 4, 2016   Behavioral Pop-ups

You might have already heard about upcoming Google's changes regarding pop-ups and how this will affect mobile search ranking. The topic was widely covered in this Nosto blog.

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Added Support For Multiple Pop-up Campaigns

October 17, 2016   Behavioral Pop-ups

We’ve just added the possibility to launch simultaneous behavioral pop-up campaigns with different advanced rules!

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Fallback recommendations

October 4, 2016   On-site Recommendations

Exciting time for on-site product recommendations! We have just released our new fallbacks functionality. Fallback recommendations is a powerful way to serve different segments of users with even more personalized on-site product recommendations.

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Migration To New Facebook Pixel

September 7, 2016   Facebook Ads

As you might’ve heard, Facebook has announced an end-of-life for its stand-alone conversion pixel. New conversion pixels can’t be generated after 15th of September 2016, whereas active support for old conversion pixels ends on October 15th. This article is a summary what we’re doing because of the changes and what you need to do in order to continue using Nosto Facebook Ads.

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Javascript API Pop-Ups

September 1, 2016   Behavioral Pop-ups

It's been a summer of pop-ups! As a new addition, we added a new pop-up campaign type: Javascript API.

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Multiple Advanced Rulesets For Pop-ups

August 18, 2016   Behavioral Pop-ups

A long anticipated addition to pop-ups is here: Pop-ups now support multiple advanced rulesets!

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August 3, 2016   Others

We've finally released our developer site featuring all APIs, which allow experience users to build their own solutions and apps by leveraging data collected and processed by Nosto.

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Pop-up Effects

August 3, 2016   Behavioral Pop-ups

Nosto Behavioral Pop-ups now support visual effects and while at it - we also added two new trigger options!

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Facebook Notification Messages

August 3, 2016   Facebook Ads

Expiration Message As a frequently requested notification feature, merchants using our Facebook ads feature now get a notification message to their inbox when a Facebook ad campaign expires.  Some Facebook campaigns are by their nature temporary or might require small adjustments to daily budget and targeting options before enabling campaign again.

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Best Sellers filtering and cross-selling algorithm for Email Widget

June 14, 2016   Email Widgets

When you are setting up your email marketing campaigns, you know how important it is to display relevant content to the right audience and, most importantly, the right products to the right users. Luckily, this can be achieved with the use of dynamic content- the technology that powers the Nosto Email Widget.

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Geotargeting rules for Behavioral Pop-ups

June 13, 2016   Behavioral Pop-ups

Nosto's Personalized Behavioral Pop-ups are a great tool to reduce site abandonment and increase conversion by offering time-limited special offers and one-time discounts.

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Lookalike Audiences And Demographic Targeting on Facebook

April 26, 2016   Facebook Ads

Looking to find new customers for your store via Facebook advertising? Well then we have great news - there is a clever new way to do it through your Nosto account. It’s called lookalike audience targeting and it’s is a great way to reach shoppers who are similar to your current customers (and therefore more likely to convert). This is how it works in a nutshell.

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An Introduction to New Pop-up Triggers

April 26, 2016   Behavioral Pop-ups

When first version of Nosto behavioral pop-ups were launched in the fall of 2015 they received a great reception and started a feedback dialogue on what could be developed even further to enable the success of our customers. We learned that some merchants were hoping for more flexibility and advanced settings, and the new Pop-up triggers described in detail below were thus built based on that feedback.

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